Developing state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the operational effectiveness of mortar systems

Mortar systems continue to occupy a pivotal role in modern warfare and operators continue to expand the limits of their capabilities. The field is witnessing the proliferation of heavy, self-propelled mortars, enhancing both range and mobility; precision-guided munitions becoming increasingly cost effective; and the increased digitisation and integration of mortar systems into the battle space.

Commanders of mortar units need to understand where the field is heading and how other nations are taking advantage of these developing technologies, in order to gain greater tactical advantages on the increasingly networked battlefield.

Joining the meeting this year will enable attendees to:

1. Gain exclusive and current knowledge from an insightful and interactive discussion of the current challenges to mortar operators,

such as increasing range and accuracy, while maintaining affordability, and how they are solving them –

what technologies and strategies have proved operationally vital?

2. Network with the global mortars community, all in attendance to urgently address their pressing requirements

3. Learn about the most recent and upcoming developments in mortar technologies including

Precision-Guided Munitions, communications systems and simulation and testing packages

The Future Mortar Systems conference series is a truly community event where like-minded individuals

can gather in a secure environment to solve their critical day-to-day challenges.

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Access All New Interactive Workshops:

You are cordially invited to take part in two pre-conference workshops, designed to stimulate debate between you and your fellow professionals in this field. Taking place prior to the main conference these sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn from your peers, debate key developments in the industry and crucially break the ice prior to the main two days of discussions.

The pre-conference workshops will focus on two of the biggest challenges and opportunities in the world of mortars today:

  • The morning session will lead attendees through the increased digitisation of the modern battlefield and the impact this will have on mortar systems and their commanders - Learn how you can take advantage of these developments to increase your fire-support capabilities
  • In the afternoon workshop, attendees will contribute the hottest debate in the mortars world – should these systems chiefly be used as a precision fire tool or to suppress the target? Collaborate with your colleagues and peers to help set the future of these versatile platforms

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